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Getting started

Getting started

Rocket Docs is ready for Gatsby v3. New projects will use the new version!
If you are still on Gatsby v2, configure it manually.

The best way to start is by using our starter:

npx gatsby new rocket-docs

But, if you prefer, you can install and configure manually.

Using Yarn:

yarn add @rocketseat/gatsby-theme-docs

Using NPM:

npm i @rocketseat/gatsby-theme-docs

Theme Options

basePath/NoRoot url for all docs
configPathconfigNoLocation of config files
docsPathdocsNoThe site description for SEO and social (FB, Twitter) tags
githubUrl--Deprecated in favor of repositoryUrl
repositoryUrl-NoThe complete URL of your repository (supports GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket). Example: https://github/rocketseat/gatsby-themes
baseDir-NoIf your Gatsby site does not live in the root of your project directory/git repo, pass the subdirectory name here (ex: docs)
withMdxtrueNoIf necessary, you can add your own MDX options to the theme. To do so, make sure you turn this option to false and include gatsby-plugin-mdx on your gatsby-config
branchmainNoDefault branch of the repository

Note: When adding a BitBucket link on the repositoryUrl option, don't add the src/<branch> to it. Example of correct link:

Example usage

module.exports = {
siteMetadata: {
siteTitle: `@rocketseat/gatsby-theme-docs`,
defaultTitle: `@rocketseat/gatsby-theme-docs`,
siteTitleShort: `gatsby-theme-docs`,
siteDescription: `Out of the box Gatsby Theme for creating documentation websites easily and quickly`,
siteUrl: ``,
siteAuthor: `@rocketseat`,
siteImage: `/banner.png`,
siteLanguage: `en`,
themeColor: `#8257E6`,
basePath: `/`,
plugins: [
resolve: `@rocketseat/gatsby-theme-docs`,
options: {
basePath: `/`,
configPath: `src/config`,
docsPath: `src/docs`,
repositoryUrl: ``,
baseDir: `examples/gatsby-theme-docs`,

Once you have installed the dependencies you will need to create the navigation and documentation files.

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